Joby GorillaMobile Ori for iPad

I just discovered my new favorite iPad case for when I’m on the go and know I will be working on my iPad for an extended period of time. Perfect for business trips, the Joby GorillaMobile Ori case for iPad gives you a great set of options for positioning your iPad. See my introduction in the vid below:

As mentioned in the video, the case is a strong, gloss-coated aluminum, ensuring your iPad is safe and secure. The Ori iPad case adds a good deal of weight and bulk to your iPad, so it won’t be your favorite solution for quick, light iPad trips. However, when you know you’ll be working on your iPad for a fair bit of time, the Ori case is the perfect solution. The Ori case is a definite head turner and the amount of thought and time that went into its design is easily apparent.

The Joby GorillaMobile Ori case for iPad 2 is currently available for $70 while the iPad 1 version is listing at a steal for $30.