Supplements: All Natural, Baby

A lot of us want some sort of magic bullet, a miracle pill that’s going to keep us healthy and trim and allow us to eat anything and everything we want. Despite what millions of dollars of marketing might try to sell you, it doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean we haven’t learned a lot and that there aren’t things that can help your progress. I’m not talking about the latest crazy diet pill that you find out 3 months later causes cancer or rectal bleeding. For me, I stick to the vitamins and natural supplements.

That’s it. That’s all I take with the exception of the Isagenix Accelerator and IsaFlush when I do my 9-Day Isagenix cycles. Ferriss talks about his PAGG stack in the 4HB, but I have yet to try it. I reserved it for the second part of my health program. It’s based on all natural extracts like garlic and green tea, so I’m okay trying it.

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