Update ReadyNAS NV+ for Mac OS X Lion

If you’ve recently updated to Mac OS X Lion you may being receiving the following error when connecting to your ReadyNAS NV+ via AFP: “There was a problem connecting to the server. The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported. Please contact your system administrator to resolve the problem.” This is because Mac OS X Lion has a more secure implementation of AFP, specifically disabling support for DHCAST128. Many NAS servers use this implementation and will need to update to support Mac OS X Lion.

NETGEAR has a beta release for RAIDiator 4.1.18-TS that addresses this update. You can find the beta update here: RAIDiator 4.1.18-TS. As with all beta releases, use at your own risk and YMMV. For those using x86-based ReadyNAS systems, you can update to RAIDiator 4.2.18.

For those using NAS servers who haven’t yet updated for Mac OS X Lion, you can try the following workaround (please use at your own risk):

  1. Launch terminal and enter the following:
    sudo chmod o+w /Library/Preferences
    defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.AppleShareClient afp_host_prefs_version -int 1
  2. Restart your computer.”
  3. Launch Finder and try connecting to your NAS via AFP. This should cause your NAS client to create the full preferences file.
  4. Launch terminal and enter the following:
    sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.AppleShareClient afp_disabled_uams -array “Cleartxt Passwrd” “MS2.0″ “2-Way Randnum exchange”
    sudo chmod o-w /Library/Preferences
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Reconnect to your NAS servers in Finder and you should be good to go.

If you want to add DHCAST128 to the disable list, enter the following:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.AppleShareClient afp_disabled_uams -array-add “DHCAST128″
Many thanks to the NETGEAR ReadyNAS team for staying on top of this and getting the update out quickly. Good luck and happy updating!