Unique Cufflinks for the Discerning Gentleman

Now that you have that distinguished wardrobe replete with fine, French-cuff shirts you’ll also need suitable cufflinks that make a statement. A pair of boring, commonplace cufflinks simply won’t do. For cufflinks that will mark you a gentleman of style and taste, refer to the following:

Aymara Designs Cufflinks
Aymara Designers

Aymara Designers is an eco-conscious company designing beautiful jewelry pieces. Part of your purchase goes to support the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Garden and Animal Orphanage, the source of the naturally-deceased butterflies used in their designs. I’ve been in touch directly with the good folks at Aymara Designers and can say their customer service and ideation process are fantastic.

Samuel Wright Cufflnks
Samuel Wright

Samuel Wright makes a stunning set of hand set enamel cufflinks. This Fleur de Lys design is offset, capturing two-thirds of the image, giving the viewer a sense of peeking at a work of art. The beautiful silver shine is set off nicely against the slate blue and black enamel.

Murano Glass Cufflinks
Murano Glass

Italian artisans on Murano are known for their craft and skill with glass. Gold leaf is blended into black and colored handblown glass, making each pair unique. Available in red, blue, and green.

Custom QR Code Cufflinks
Custom QR Code

Geek chic cufflinks allow you to customize two different messages for each pair. Rock your email, website, or l337 code. Get your geek on while still looking stylish. There are a few offerings out there, but I found this one from CuffArt.com well-designed, a good size, and produced with quality.

Vintage Watch Movement Cufflinks
Vintage Watch Movement

These cufflinks are made from vintage watch movements and set beautifully. On this one, there are definitely a lot of offerings out there and unless you’re a stickler for the proof of authenticity, most people who see your cufflinks won’t know the difference. They’ll just notice what good taste you have.

Caffiene Molecule Cufflinks
Dopamine Molecular

Talk about geek cred…how about a micrograph of your favorite molecules and compounds? This one is of the all-important, all-night-hackathon molecule, caffeine. In addition to testosterone, and norepinephrine, you can select from your favorite choice in liquid courage.

Babette Wasserman Cufflinks
Babette Wasserman

Babette Wasserman makes beautiful cufflinks. Like this versatile, Swarovski crystal, metallic punk stud cufflinks. The splash of color from the Swarovski crystals ensure that these cufflinks will go great with a lot of different shirt and tie options. Wasserman’s saucer cufflinks are iconic and unique and are sure to invite compliments as well. A hint on the website, the slider isn’t noticeable at first, but be sure to use the slider to scroll through and see all of her amazing cufflinks.

Have your own stylish cufflinks to recommend? Share in the comments below.