Today We Remember

Today is for the loved ones we lost that day. For the families and friends whose hearts have known unknowable loss. For the selfless men and women who raced into danger so others could reach safety. For the brave men and women in our armed services who put themselves in harm’s way so such evil can never happen again. For their families who pray for their safe return.

Today is also for the innocents in foreign lands who have paid for our mistakes since. For their families and friends who suffer still. Whom we have taught fear. And grief. And anger. For those who have felt the deepest of despair. Whose hearts have forgotten love and learned hatred instead. Those who consider a path of desperation because they feel there is no other way. For us to remember that we must help them find another.

Today must also be for hope. Hope for tomorrow. For those who help rebuild. For those who help heal. For those who find forgiveness even when it is not deserved. For those who find the way of understanding. The way of compassion. The way of peace. Today is for us to do better. To remember that while we struggle so do others. To learn that more unites us than divides us.