The 4-Hour Life Challenge

Tim Ferriss just posted an invite for people to apply for a personal training session with him and his team in Seattle as part of his 4-Hour Life: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise course with creativeLIVE.

After the first part of my journey with the 4-Hour Body I’m ready for Tim’s next challenge. I’ve posted my application here:

I’m excited for the chance to experience a new approach to learning, to shatter conventional thinking about what it takes to become proficient at a skill. The three I’ve selected:

  • Pick up any book, read it once, then be able to recite it back, word-for-word from cover to cover
  • Learn and become fluent in a new language every 3 months
  • Become a world-class pastry chef

As the program challenges us to consider how we approach a lifetime of learning, I have much grander ambitions for these skills as I mention in the video. While these are all topics I have always been fascinated by, I am in no way exceptional in any of these disciplines. So I think it should make for a great challenge. Not only that but I also see these skills as creating new opportunities as I apply them.

I’ve tweeted my submission at: Help a brother out by viewing the video, sharing it and re-tweeting my post (@creativeLIVE @tferriss #TimLIVE). There are tons of deserving submissions out there, so help me make my case to Tim and his team.