That $#!^ Cray

Move a concert from Saturday to a Wednesday @ 9 p.m. and still sell out the arena. That $#!^ Cray. Do that where the average ticket is $250 during a down economy. That $*!^ Cray. Rock the show and deliver your staccato flow flawlessly live on “N* What, N* Who.” That $#!^ Cray. Have a great hip hop concert, with all good energy, no fights and no incidents. That $#!^ Cray. Have a cross section of every age, race, and economic group at your show knowing every song. That $#!^ Cray. Have a 19 yr old cholo give dap to a 70 yr old Italian man who is bobbing his head to “Hard Knock Life.” THAT…SHIT…CRAY. Ain’t it Jay? Damn right, Kanye.