How I Lost 100 lbs Without Surgery or Exercise

-100 lbs, -84 inches, -14% body fat

This story is dedicated to my thick peoples…for those in the struggle and for those who are already comfortable with who they are and need no further validation.

This is the story of how I lost 100 lbs in less than a year and how I did it without surgery or working out. The photo you see is me wearing the clothes that used to be my size: 4XL/5XL and a 54R. I lost so much weight I could fit another person in my suit jacket with me after the weight loss. Trust me, we fit; we just had to leave a little space for the Holy Ghost between us. I did it without starving myself or denying myself the indulgences in life. In fact, you’ll see shortly that I feast quite well. Now peep me at an XL and 46R:

After Losing 100 lbs
After Losing 100 lbs, Me Wearing XL, 46R

I wasn’t sure whether I would share this story as it involves an incredibly personal journey. To do it justice requires me to be completely honest and lay bare all the insecurities and secret confessions that I reserve for myself in quiet moments of personal reflection. None, even those I hold dearest to me, have been privy to all that this journey has required of me.

My decision to share comes from a place of love and hope. Love for all those who supported me and shared in my triumphs. Love for all those who kept the faith that I could still overcome when I had almost given up and resigned myself to a seemingly inevitable course. Hope. Hope for those who seek to find a healthier life. Hope that my story may inspire one in despair and show them that it is possible.

So be kind. Be considerate in thought and speech. This is a place of love and hope.

Let me begin by saying that this was the approach that worked for me. There are many who have followed different paths and found similar success. Perhaps the program I detail in these articles will fit into your lifestyle. Perhaps it won’t. What I hope you take away from my story is inspiration. That you witness for yourself that there are no lost causes. The body is truly a miracle and has an incredible ability to heal itself and find equilibrium if we just stop fighting against it.

I cannot stress enough the importance of coordinating your program with your doctor. Please, please, please, do not overlook this important point. I have been surrounded by an amazing team of health professionals and every step I have taken has been closely reviewed and approved by them. This is not about some crazy health fad involving drastic measures that deliver short-term results at the risk of long-term damage. I wanted to pursue a program that would be sustainable and help me form lifelong habits. Please consult with your doctor as some of the techniques I mention may not be appropriate for you.

I will talk about three main levers: nutrition, exercise, and supplements. Depending on your personal situation you may leverage them to varying degrees. Because I recently underwent back surgery, exercise was out of the equation so I needed to rely more heavily on nutrition and to a much lesser extent supplements. I’ve broken down my story into several articles:

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