Hlaska, Cool Understated Style

You gotta give geek cred for a shop that has the periodic table as a key design element. I like discovering new brands. I also do my best to support American companies with products made in the U.S. Even better if it’s a local company here in the Bay. With Hlaska, I get all three. Named by mashing up “Alaska” and “Hawai’i”, Hlaska was founded by Anthony Mazzei and Chad Hurley (of YouTube fame for you n00bs) in San Francisco. Hlaska makes great products with understated style. Their bags and small leather goods have a clean look that plays well when you’re dressed up or just wearing casual gear. Check out their great iPad sleeves:

Hlaska iPad Sleeves

Any time I have my Hlaska iPad sleeve, I always get compliments and asked where I got it. For my Dutch friends, here’s your chance to rock a brand I am sure no one else will have in Amsterdam. Made of fine Italian leather that is vegetable-dyed in great colors, these are some of my favorite iPad sleeves. Everyone has a brown or black iPad case or iPad sleeve. Be more adventurous and try Hlaska’s yellow, orange, blue (not pictured), or green. The leather is nice and supple, giving the iPad sleeve enough give so you can fit the iPad 1 and iPad 2, smart cover and all. Soft micro-knit felt lining keeps your iPad nice and cozy. I especially like the industrial twist latch hardware and the convenient outside pocket on the back side. BONUS: these were originally priced at $175 (already a fair deal) but now an absolute steal at $50 as they make way for a new iPad sleeve style. I just snatched up a bunch of colors before they sell out.

That’s the other thing I appreciate about Hlaska. They are constantly revving new versions and styles and do retire prior offerings. So if you find something you like and get in on it while they are available, they will quickly become coveted limited editions. Like my zip document wallet? Can’t get it. I got one of the last ones. Perfectly sized for a smaller gentleman’s clutch when you only need to bring your keys, card case, and smart phone. Don’t fret, they’ve got new designs on the way.

Hlaska Document Wallet

Hlaska have also added some great accessories from great partners. Check out their Pan Am cufflinks from Tokens & Icons, watches from ODM, and sunglasses from Randolph Engineering and Vintage Eyewear.

Randolph Sunglasses Intruder

Randolph Engineering are a premier contractor for military eyewear. If it’s good enough for our folks in uniform when their lives are on the line then you can be damned sure it’ll be good enough for your sunshine lounging. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, if they break send ’em in and Randolph will hook you up.

Carrera Boeing Sunglasses

These were some dead stock Carrera Boeing sunglasses I picked up at Hlaska from Vintage Eyewear. Unless your older brothers and sisters were good about keeping their 80s sunglasses mint, you’re not gonna’ find these just anywhere.

Stop on by and support a Bay Area company and discover a new brand. Come back often for new styles and editions. If you swing by the Santana Row location in San Jose, ask for Ismilda. She’ll help you find just the right pieces to fit your style. Tell her Serge sent ya’.