Cool Design: Automatic SlideBelt

Yet another cool introduction to an awesome fashion trend from my good friend, Franco Uomo: the automatic slidebelt. My understanding is that this came from an Eastern European design around WWII. Instead of having holes in the leather, a notched rail system is on the backside allowing a catch on the buckle to slide and lock along the notches. The great thing about this design is that it doesn’t mar the beautiful leather on the front of the belt and isn’t prone to the cracks and splits that holes form over time. Even better, it gives you very fine control over the belt measurement as you have an array of notches to increase/decrease. It’s also much quicker to buckle and release. Why don’t they make all belts like this? I gotta’ say, I’m gonna’ have a hard time going back to the traditional hole-in-belt design. Thanks, Franco!