Clear Spot 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot

I just received my Clear Spot (Apollo) 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot today (sheesh that’s a mouthful). I’ve got the uncapped, mobile 4G plan as a point of reference. My initial testing was done in downtown SJ. I connected three devices: my iPad, iPhone, and Macbook Air (how did so many damned iOS and MacOS devices take over my bag?). I’m not gonna’ bore you with all the bandwidth calculations. I’ll let some real-world scenarios speak on it:

  • MBA web surfing, iPad web surfing, and iPhone web surfing – excellent
  • MBA streaming 720p HD YouTube – excellent
  • MBA streaming 720p HD YouTube, iPad web surfing – very good (the vid would pause every 25-30 seconds to buffer, but honestly, that’s damned good considering I was streaming full 720p simultaneously)
  • MBA streaming 360p YouTube, iPad web surfing, iPhone streaming Pandora – excellent

I also tried streaming 360p YouTube on all three devices simultaneously just for giggles and it was a bit much for the 4G. So far, the Clear Spot Apollo performed quite well in most of the scenarios I’d find myself in. I’ll do a bit more testing around the Bay and see how I do with ClearWire coverage. Check back for updates.