Book Elves

Sneaky elves unlock
A child’s imagination
Fly free and explore.

Leave cash or gift cards in random children’s books at the bookstore.

I purchased 5 gift cards and then I stuck this sticker on each one:

Book Elves

The book elves placed their little gifts in these books:

Book Elves

Dr. Seuss was a given. I had to include Sherlock to reward the inquisitive child. NatGeo on sharks is as good as you’re gonna’ get to Shark Week in a book for kids. The “Wimpy Kid” series seems to be popular right now. Sí, ese es Jorge El Curioso…se habla Español también. I’m international like that.

I might not ever know which child found these gifts but it makes me happy knowing that somewhere a child is able to enjoy a new book because of them. This is just the beginning and I’m sure I’ll be recruiting other loved ones to join me in leaving more gifts. In fact, I’m encouraging my nephews to share their love of reading with other kids by gifting books like this.

Want to do this for yourself?

This is a great activity solo, with friends and family, or just to impress that date 😉 You can grab the image I used on the sticker here: My Book Elf at* The cool thing about this is if you put your Facebook, Twitter, or email address on your gift and the recipient tells a story about you, you can search for your name and find those stories.

*Disclaimer: is my site too.